Funeral Planning Checklist

A handy guide for funeral planning

Asian Funeral Home in Leeds has developed a handy checklist for anybody looking to arrange a funeral. This is suitable for all faiths, backgrounds and belief systems and offers you an easy way to ensure that you have covered the essential when it comes to planning a funeral for a loved one.

Download a pdf version of the Funeral Planning Checklist

Funeral Planning Checklist
Contact those closest to the deceased including family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours
Appoint a funeral director; choosing the right funeral director is important to suit your needs including location and faith requirements
Fund the funeral; check on any insurance policies of the deceased, benefit entitlements, savings and family contributions
Request a medical certificate stating cause of death (MCCD), a compulsory certificate needed on order to register a death and arrange a funeral
Register the death; you can do this through your local registrar and collect the green form which your funeral director will need in order to arrange your funeral
Transfer the care of the deceased to your funeral director who will arrange for the body to be collected and cared for in the chapel of rest
Arrange the details of the funeral service with the help of your funeral director, deciding on details such as order of service, music, transport, flowers, photographs and the legal paperwork
Appoint roles including pallbearer, someone to read eulogies, priest or gianiji etc.
Let everyone know the details for the funeral; arrange the online funeral notice, inform people of dress code, locations, requirements for flowers or donations etc.
Arrange security for the day, especially important if you are leaving your home empty for the service and have advised people of the date and time online
Contact all relevant organisations of the death including government and financial organisations
Seek support from a specialist grief counsellor – speak to Asian Funeral Home as we have dedicated counsellors for the Asian community

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