Providing us with your information

When you engage with Asian Funerals Yorkshire Limited (Asian Funeral Home) to arrange from any of our services funeral related, or to engage our bereavement Services team then we’ll ask for some necessary personal information.

Your name, email address, postal address, telephone number, relationship to the deceased (if applicable) will all be used to ensure we can deliver a service of the highest offering to you.

We only use and store information for as long as we need it. Wherever possible, we store your data within the UK.

When using our website and social media

We at Asian Funeral Home know that keeping your information safe is essential. We pledge to collect, process, store and share your data safely and securely. We use a range of physical, electronic and technical methods to ensure this at all times, all of which help avert unauthorised access to, use of, or disclosure of your personal information. All of our staff receive data protection training, and we have detailed procedures and policies that all staff must follow when handling our clients’ personal information.

How we protect your payments

If you use a credit/debit card to purchase flowers or memorabilia online, we will pass your credit/debit card details securely to our payment provider. Other payment methods are processed in a similar way, always keeping security as a main concern. Asian Funeral Home and our payment providers comply with the payment card industry data security standard (PCI-DSS) published by the PCI Security Standards Council, and we do not store any card details.


To use your personal information in the ways described, Asian Funeral Home relies on following legal reasons:

Your consent to receive communication by land-line, mobile phone, email or post. We use this consent to call you, email you or send you letters which are specific to arranging a funeral, arranging for a memorial stone, pre-arranging a funeral or taking advantage of our bereavement Services.

The genuine interest legal basis allows you to receive communications by telephone, email or post when you have used the services of Asian Funeral Home. From experience we understand, that sometimes, following of a funeral, families need time to think about the ordering of a memorial or arranging for other Services etc. This means that, as an organisation, Asian Funeral Home has a genuine interest to use your personal information to communicate with you, always showing consideration for your rights when using your personal information for this purpose.

We will only contact you if you have provided your telephone number directly to us.

We consider the provision of a funeral service includes the obligation to see the grieving process from beginning to end. To this extent we at Asian Funeral Home offer all our bereaved clients advice where required on such things as music, officiants, orders of service, coffins, crematoriums, burial grounds, reception venues catering, scattering of ashes, counselling, pre-paid funeral information and where a burial or interment of cremated remains occurs. This list is not exhaustive

When someone suffers a bereavement, they may go through the various stages and emotions of grief at a time when they are faced with daunting tasks to carry out and difficult decisions to make. We try to ease the burden on our clients at the time of the funeral arrangement and in the weeks afterwards. These include arranging a funeral, handling probate and dealing with grief. We offer our clients the opportunity to meet with specialist bereavement counsellors or the provision of memorial brochures.

We have business procedures whereby we will contact our clients to inform them of these services. We do not pass on our clients’ data to 3rd parties for marketing purposes and we do not purchase data to directly market to people.

We feel we have a genuine business purpose for discussing pre-paid funeral plans with our existing clients. We have systems in place whereby should a client not want to hear from us we can remove their details appropriately

For these reasons above we do not feel it is necessary to ask our clients when signing our funeral estimate to pro-actively “opt in” to receiving this information. We do, however, make it clear that we will need to share your information with certain 3rd parties such as Crematoriums, Burial Authorities, Charities and that we will not share your data unnecessarily or sell your data. We have mechanisms in place to manage and protect your data.

Your right to choose

We pledge you the choice to choose how we use your personal information. This is to ensure you understand your data protection rights, which are:

For further information on anything mentioned in this leaflet or letter, please write to Anand Gohel who is our Data Protection Officer at or addressed to: The Data Protection Officer, Asian Funeral Home, Shanti House, Leeds, LS9 9EB.

Thank you

Asian Funeral Home

If you have questions about anything above, please contact us on 0113 8113 999 or email