3 Reasons to Engage Asian Funeral Home When Planning a Sikh Funeral

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In Sikh tradition, the passing of a loved one is viewed as a natural part of life’s cycle, marked by ceremonies that honour the departed soul and provide solace to the grieving family. Planning a Sikh funeral involves intricate rituals and customs, each carrying profound significance and meaning. During this emotionally challenging time, engaging the […]

Funeral Plan: Ensuring Peace of Mind for You and Your Loved Ones


Death is an inevitable part of life, yet it’s a topic many of us hesitate to confront. However, taking proactive steps to plan for one’s funeral can alleviate stress and uncertainty for both yourself and your loved ones during an already difficult time. Funerals can be costly affairs, with expenses ranging from caskets and burial […]

3 Reasons to Choose Asian Funeral Home for Planning a Hindu Funeral in Leeds


When a loved one passes away, the Hindu community seeks to honour their memory through a funeral ceremony rich in tradition, spirituality, and cultural significance. Planning a Hindu funeral involves navigating a plethora of rituals and customs, each carrying profound meaning and importance. In Leeds, families find solace and support in Asian Funeral Home, a […]

Unconventional Farewells: 5 Unusual Modes of Transport for a Funeral

Funeral Horse & Carriage

Funerals are deeply personal ceremonies, often reflecting the unique personality and preferences of the departed individual. While traditional modes of transportation like hearses and funeral processions are commonly associated with funerals, some families opt for more unconventional and distinctive ways to transport their loved one to their final resting place. Here are five unusual modes […]

New Funeral Plan Regulations: What You Need to Know

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If you’re thinking of buying a funeral plan, you should be aware of the new regulations that will come into effect from 2023 onwards. Funeral plans will now be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which means that providers will need to adhere to strict rules and regulations. What are funeral plans? Funeral plans […]

Cremation Documents Required


Documents Required for a Cremation HOME / HOSPITAL DEATH Registration of Death is IMPORTANT for the funeral to take place Document 1 Issued By Medical Cause of Death Certificate** Last attending GP or the Hospital Doctor Document 2 Issued By Certificate for Burial or Cremation Registrar – Required ASAP (Green Form) Document 3 Issued By […]

Funeral Planning Checklist


Funeral Planning Checklist A handy guide for funeral planning Asian Funeral Home in Leeds has developed a handy checklist for anybody looking to arrange a funeral. This is suitable for all faiths, backgrounds and belief systems and offers you an easy way to ensure that you have covered the essential when it comes to planning […]

Easter Egg drop off day is here!

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Easter Egg drop off day is here! Help & Advice From Our Expert Team Community and corporate donors are dropping off hundreds of Easter eggs and other treats at Leeds Children’s Hospital today. Our friends from Leeds Hospitals Charity are here coordinating deliveries and the Play Team are here to accept deliveries and thank our […]

About Sikh Funerals

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About Sikh Funerals As featured in Farewells Magazine Click here to view the April 2022 Edition The Final Rite The Sikh funeral is known as ‘Antam Sanskaar’, which translates as ‘final rite’ or ‘the last rite of passage’. The service does not focus on the pain or grief of losing a loved one, but treats […]

Arranging a Funeral


Arrange a Funeral We are here to help You don’t have to settle on a funeral director right away. Take time to research quotes, prices and reviews. Download Checklist Frequently asked questions Choose a Recommended Funeral Director Choose a reputable funeral home that has good review or is recommended. Ask around and if in doubt, […]