Funeral Planning Checklist


Funeral Planning Checklist A handy guide for funeral planning Asian Funeral Home in Leeds has developed a handy checklist for anybody looking to arrange a funeral. This is suitable for all faiths, backgrounds and belief systems and offers you an easy way to ensure that you have covered the essential when it comes to planning […]

Easter Egg drop off day is here!

Easter egg donations

Easter Egg drop off day is here! Help & Advice From Our Expert Team Community and corporate donors are dropping off hundreds of Easter eggs and other treats at Leeds Children’s Hospital today. Our friends from Leeds Hospitals Charity are here coordinating deliveries and the Play Team are here to accept deliveries and thank our […]

About Sikh Funerals

Sikh Flowers

About Sikh Funerals As Featured in Farewell’s Magazine Click here to view the April 2022 Edition The Final Rite The Sikh funeral is known as ‘Antam Sanskaar’, which translates as ‘final rite’ or ‘the last rite of passage’. The service does not focus on the pain or grief of losing a loved one, but treats […]

Covid Update

hand sanitiser and mask

Covid Update A legal and practical guide Legal restrictions on funerals have now been lifted in England so there is no limit on the number of people you can have attending your funeral. However, you may still wish to follow some guidelines and it is up to you whether you wear a facemask of take […]

Arranging a Funeral


Arranging a Funeral We’re Here to Help You don’t have to settle on a funeral director right away. Take time to research quotes, prices and reviews. Choose a Recommended Funeral Director Choose a reputable funeral home that has good review or is recommended. Ask around and if in doubt, check out their review on Google, […]

Washing the Body


Washing the Body Asian Funeral Home Facilities At Asian Funeral Home we have a special wash room for you to wash and prepare the body. If you would like to visit and view our facilities, please contact us.  

Seeking after Support

hands supporting one another nd wearing funeral bands in Leeds

After Support Asian Funeral Counselling At Asian Funeral Home we recognise that the funeral is the first step in the journey of grief. It can take many months or even years for grief to fully surface, and that’s why we have our own in-house counsellors who can support you in your time of need. Available […]

Why Get a Funeral Plan?

Here at Asian Funeral Home we can help you to put a funeral plan in place so that you can have peace of mind that your relatives have nothing to worry about when you pass away. Many people worry that when they die, they won’t leave enough money for their funeral and their loved ones […]

Registering a Death

making phone call to the Leeds' registrar office

Registering a death Everything You Need to Know When someone dies, you will need to register the death. After the death has been registered, you will be given/sent all the necessary paperwork required to arrange the funeral. If you are unsure about the procedure of registering a death in the UK, please call us and we […]

Scattering the Ashes


Scattering the Ashes Traditions and Locations When a Hindu or Sikh person dies it is customary to scatter the ashes in running water. This might be a local river or you may wish to take the ashes to India to scatter them in your chosen place. Asian Funeral Home has a list of local places […]