Scattering the Ashes


Scattering the Ashes Traditions and Locations When a Hindu or Sikh person dies it is customary to scatter the ashes in running water. This might be a local river or you may wish to take the ashes to India to scatter them in your chosen place. Asian Funeral Home has a list of local places […]

Informing Relevant Organisations

relative completing paperwork

Informing Relevant Organisations Everything You Need to Know When someone dies, you will need to let your friends and family know along with any arrangements. However, there are also organisations you may need to inform. Here are some suggestions for who you might need to inform.  Financial Organisations Banks/National Savings/building societies. Insurance companies (e.g. life, […]

Post Mortem

Discussing the process of the post mortem to a family in Leeds

Post Mortem Establishing the cause of Death A post-mortem examination, also known as an autopsy, is the examination of a body after death. The aim of a post-mortem is to determine the cause of death. Post-mortems are carried out by pathologists and are usually a legal requirement where the cause of death cannot be established. […]

When Someone Dies


When Someone Dies Everything You Need to Know When someone dies, you will need to register the death. After the death has been registered, you will be given/sent all the necessary paperwork required to arrange the funeral. If you are unsure about the procedure of registering a death in the UK, please call us and we […]

Asian Funeral Home Featured on BBC One

Jas from Asian Funeral Home speaking about Sikh funerals to the BBC for Being Sikh

Asian Funeral Home Featured on BBC One Help & Advice From Our Expert Team Asian Funeral Home were featured in the BBC One serialisation: being Sikh. Our very own Jas Parekh, the first female Sikh funeral director in Leeds, spoke passionately about her vocation to help those in times of need and her invaluable work […]